Featured Speakers

Fr. Denis Phaneuf

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Fr. Denis has been a Catholic priest for 50+ years. He was one of the advisors on the Vatican consultation on Exorcism and Deliverance Ministry held in Rome. A much sought-after speaker at conferences, retreats, workshops and seminars and experienced in the ministry of teaching and healing, he helped found several Catholic bible schools in Western Canada and a house of healing for people with addiction problems. Currently semi-retired, he assists at St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral in Saskatoon.

Moira Noonan

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Moira Noonan is a revert to the Catholic faith after being involved in the New Age for over 25 years, as featured in the book ‘Prodigal Daughters’ (Ignatius Press). Moira came from a cradle Catholic family that got ensnared into the popular culture and turned away from traditional Christian values. She is a lay witness to living in the communion of saints and the sacraments and sacramentals of the Church to overcome idolatry, superstition, addiction, psychic practices and unforgiveness. She lives in southern California.